B90 (Bikram 90)

This class is taught by:

Courtney Bigony

I first developed my passion for Bikram yoga five years ago while pursuing my musical talents as a singer songwriter and studying Communication at CU Boulder. Soon enough, I walked away from writing, recording and performing and found my new passion in the healthier world of Bikram yoga. After a year of dedicated practice, I experienced the remarkable healing powers of Bikram yoga when I sustained a knee injury while backpacking in the Alaskan backcountry. That injury led to chronic tendonitis, a condition that medical professionals advised could only be remedied, but never fully cured. I challenged that diagnosis with a consistent Bikram practice and am now pain free. My interest in Bikram yoga has extended beyond the yoga studio and into all aspects of my life. In my final year of college, I focused my thesis on the identity of Bikram yoga instructors and finding meaning in work. In the Fall of 2012, I attended Bikrams teacher training. As a lifelong student and believer in the incredible benefits of the 26-posture series, I hope to eventually transfer my passion for yoga and communication into a career in corporate wellness and workplace happiness.

Jefferson Parker

Jefferson changed his life through yoga.  When he discovered yoga, he was living in constant and severe chronic pain and suffering from intense depression. Following a series of accidents, which caused substantial injury, he was physically limited and gained over 110 pounds. He was no longer able to paint, one of his many passions, and felt hopeless. Everyone in his life worried for his well-being, especially his family.

Jefferson's father Hal convinced him to try Bikram Yoga and after only a couple of classes, Jefferson met Bikram Choudhury. Bikram looked at Jeff's injured, overweight body and flat out promised, "Boss, you do my yoga every day and I will give you your life back." For weeks Jeff struggled but Bikram's encouragement gave him the faith he needed to continue in spite of his difficulties. After only six months of practice, Jefferson was physically well enough to attend the intense Bikram Teacher training.

After completing the Bikram Teacher training with Bikram Choudhury, Jefferson then trained in Bikram further with Mary Jarvis in San Francisco. Let's just say, Jefferson eventually lost those 110 pounds and got a new lease on life. By becoming physically fit through regular yoga practice, Jefferson was able to strengthen out his mind and spirit in addition to his body. He then decided he wanted to pass this gift on and help others gain control over their lives.

Being so inspired by the transformation in his life through yoga, Jefferson went on to open several Bikram Yoga studios around the country with locations in Nevada and Massachusetts. Due to further health complications and a desire to be near his family and hometown of Marin, Jefferson returned to San Rafael.

He took over what was then Yoga Loka, the 8th established Yoga College of India, changing the name to Bikram & Power Yoga San Rafael.  The studio is now called Frequency Yoga in order to encompass the array of multi-modilty offered at the center.  Part of the modality currently offered in addition to the original mission of Bikram Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga and TRX suspension training.  Jefferson trained in Vinyasa Yoga with Baron Baptiste (over 920 hours!) and has completed all the TRX training as well as Melt Method.

It was a fantastic studio when he took it over and it continued to flourish over the years. Our studio has won Best of Marin first place eight years in a row for yoga and spent several years in the Hall of Fame for Best of Marin.

Ever grateful for his restoration to health, he continues to operate Frequency Yoga and currently teaches regular Bikram classes on Monday and Wednesday morning.  He looks forward to meeting you and passing on this gift!

The classic 26-posture beginner series. Excellent as a strengthening, flexibility, and recovery tool. Room is heated to over 105°F and humidity is added to keep you limber. All levels welcome.

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