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Arjay Parker

My yoga practice began as the result of an intervention. My co-workers at a San Francisco dot-com ganged up and told me that it would be better for office morale if I went and took a yoga class. "Yoga?! Are you kidding? Isn't that for hippies and vegetarians?" At the time, I had a mohawk hairdo and wore a lot of black. "no, no!" Said the cheerful sales-rep who shared my office, "This yoga is like boot-camp, you'll love it!"

It turns out that my first yoga class was a Bikram Yoga class. 26 postures done in a room heated to over 100 degrees. It was hot. It was hard. There was no extra energy left for anger or worry or scorn. Complete and utter freedom. Heaven.

I practiced regularly for 4 years, 4 or 5 times each week, often leaving work at the urging of my boss and co-workers (still needed some help in the anger management department), until the dot-com boom abruptly busted. I took my severance package and headed down to LA for the intense 9 week training with Bikram, himself.

Later, while I was teaching Bikram classes, I had a friend who was teaching Power Yoga. I had taken some other Vinyasa classes before, but something clicked this time around, so a year later I was off to another teacher training with Baron Baptiste.

Now, 15 years after I took my first class, I teach both Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga in San Rafael at the studios I own with my husband. I've assisted Baron Baptiste on his retreats and workshops, and regularly visit at the Bikram Teacher Trainings to stay connected to my teachers and yoga peers. I have yoga to thank for making so many of my dreams come true.

I walked into my first yoga class firmly believing that I was NOT a "Yoga Person", and found out that yoga is for EVERYBODY. It's the message that my husband and I carry with us, everywhere we go.


Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Spring 2002

Baron Baptiste Level 1 & 2 (multiple)

Assisted for Baron Baptiste on Workshops & Trainings 2006 - 2009

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Group Suspension Training L1

TRX Sports Medicine L2



Araceli Santos-Bieber

Searching for something to heal the soul and quiet the mind after a family tragedy in 1999, I found solace in yoga. That’s when my practice began. My introduction to yoga was through the Ashtanga practice, which left me with a sense of peace and calm, and a connection to something indescribable. I loved the way it left me feeling and continued to practice religiously. I was immediately drawn to the playful sense of self-discovery that encouraged me to want more from myself...an inner revolution of sorts.
A few years later Bikram yoga became my next refuge after the painful loss of a sibling. Feeling protected, supported and inspired, my dedication to the practice quickly grew deeper. Through my practice I have grown to have a better relationship with my body and self. I am continually reminded to lead life with my heart, and to always keep it open. To be open to new experiences, no matter how daunting some may seem.
With the encouragement from friends and family, and the inspiration of my fellow students, I embarked on the next chapter of my yoga journey by attending Baron Baptiste's boot camp training, which has deeply enriched my love and passion for yoga. I continue to be inspired as both teacher and student, in search of those inexplicable “aha!” moments that we all enjoy. I never dreamed I would become a yoga teacher and had I let my fears hold me back, rather than follow my heart, I would not be doing what I love...
"...And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom..." ~Anais Nin

Lori Holscher

I took my first yoga class in 1997 when I was looking to help manage my aches and pains from distance running. It wasn’t what I expected. I was quickly humbled by the discipline, focus, and dedication yoga required. At the same time, I knew that I had found something special that was far more than just another form of exercise. While yoga addressed my body aches, it also introduced me to the life changing concepts of mindfulness, being present, and seated meditation.
As my passion for yoga grew, I found myself spending more and more time on my mat where I was constantly learning new things about myself and my connection to others . With more time invested, I came to view yoga as a tremendous gift that was meant to be shared. So I completed my first teacher training in 1998 led by Sarah Powers at the Mill Valley Yoga Studio.
I continue my journey as a lifelong student of yoga and recently completed a 200 hour certification in Yoga Therapy. I have been certified by A.C.E and ACSM as a personal trainer for the last 15 years. In addition to studios, I love teaching yoga to kids of all ages and have worked with the Marin Catholic football team. I bring to my class a combination of fitness, athleticism, and most importantly foster the connection between the mind and body. When not on my mat, I can be found running in nature and hanging out with my husband and 3 kids.

Ed Levinson

My initial attraction to the practice of yoga in 2005, was to stretch out and loosen up the tightness my body had acquired from 20 years of cycling. I had spent those years in the bicycle industry, riding, racing, touring, and selling bikes. Within my first year of practice, I noticed that my body was beginning to transform. I had started to become more supple and comfortable both on and off the bike.
The next thing that happened was unexpected, I started to experience a transformation in my attitude. I was more neutral and calm amidst the inevitable ups and downs that life brings. My daily personal dramas were starting to fade and I became increasingly aware of the present moments. To my delight, I discovered that underneath the many layers of dramas, and stories about the past and clinging to future possibilities, there was a source of contentment that was coming from within. Yoga had allowed me the space to slow down and begin to shed the things in my life that were in my way and no longer serving me.
In 2008 I decided to take a yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in Larkspur, CA. I wanted to acquire the tools to bring some of these benefits to others and help them find their yoga. After completing the training, I began to teach and found it to be the most rewarding and fun thing I’ve ever done. My goal in every class is to provide a safe, non-competitive environment to nurture and support yoga students with compassion and humor, encouraging them to cultivate body awareness as they learn how to focus and move consciously within their own edge. My mission now is to hold space for students to explore the transformational powers of yoga, integrating a sense of balance and calm that imparts strength and confidence. I teach an invigorating flowing vinyasa style class that will hone your body and calm your mind.

Amber Scriven

"Amber's classes will make you sweat, make you think and then leave you with an overall sense of calm and contemplation." -Mira M.

Amber teaches Power, Yin and Stand Up Paddle Yoga and is our resident Acupuncturist. She is also on the editorial staff at DoYouYoga.com as a writer. Amber was named 2015 and 2016 Glide SUP Yoga Ambassador and 2016 Mind Body Brand Ambassador.

Amber's nature inspired Vinyasa style Power yoga classes are built for all levels, and will challenge your body, and your mind. She uses her vast knowledge of anatomy to accentuate particular fitness aspects, and pairs fast, strengthening Power yoga with slow, deep, mindful "Yin" yoga aspects. Each month introduces a new intention based around traditional yoga philosophies, and each week the flow changes slightly to center around a related peak pose, or flow.

Having found yoga via a need for personal stress relief and a love of movement, Amber began practicing in 2005 in our Bikram room. Her practice became more dedicated in 2011 when she fell in love with Power yoga. A solar powered lover of the outdoors, Amber started teaching here in 2013 after hiking (and yoga-ing) through the Costa Rican Rainforests. Also the owner of a local acupuncture clinic, she treats orthopedic injuries and women’s health using yoga as movement therapy to compliment to her clients recovery and continued wellness.

With an emphasis in each class on helping you find YOUR pose in each shape, as pertaining to your body and mind, Amber works towards helping everyone find more clear seeing- calm abiding moments.

”Amber leads a challenging flow with lot's of balancing, binding, inverting and strengthening. Her class is great for all levels. She inspires you to try new postures and deepens your body mind awareness. Be prepared to see physical, and emotional changes quickly!" -Nicole

Kate Monzo

Kate Monzo, 500 RYT

Unaware to her at the time, Kate began her journey with yoga when she was young, training as a gymnast, figure skater, and dancer. After moving to San Francisco in 2007, kate tried a yoga class and discovered that yoga helped improve her skating potential. It was practicing at Urban Flow Yoga with Rusty Wells when she fell in love with yoga learning that yoga has more benefits than just physical.

In 2011, Kate came to Phoenix on a spiritual journey to learn and master the ancient tradition of yoga at the Spirit of Yoga in Tempe. Because of her background, she stresses the importance of flexibility, alignment, strength, and balance to her classes. Kate continues her spiritual quest to raise her vibration, expand her consciousness, and share that sacred knowledge of the universe with others through her teachings of yoga & holistic nutrition.
Kate has over 800 hrs in yoga teacher training and is a holistic nutrition coach.


Claire Stetina

Claire discovered yoga after a car accident left her with debilitating injuries and pain. The first yoga class she stepped into changed the course of her life, yoga and meditation gave her the power to take her healing into her own hands. Many years later, Claire is humbled to have found this path. Yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle.

Claire is an innovative yoga instructor whose classes are a balance of mindful flow, pranayama (breath work), and accessible meditation techniques. Her classes are challenging and playful...as she draws from many traditions. She teaches alignment based, creative flow classes with the intent to cultivate a deeper realtionship with the breath, body and energy.

Claire has taught over 2,000 hours of public classes and workshops. She has studied with many teachers in many lineages, and is known to blend elements of Anusara, Iyengar, alignment therapeutics, Bhakti, Baptiste and Shambava Hatha yoga into her classes. Each class draws upon Claire's extensive practical knowledge of human anatomy and self-care practices towards the goal of optimal health and balance. Her classes are often thematic, and aim to integrate both subtle and nuanced alignment cues with breath awareness allowing for a deeper state of body awareness. Her mission is to deliver a safe, creative and progressive space for yogis to grow and come into their power.

Jefferson Parker

Jefferson changed his life through yoga. When he discovered yoga, he was living in constant and severe chronic pain and suffering from intense depression. Following a series of accidents, which caused substantial injury, he was physically limited and gained over 110 pounds. He was no longer able to paint, one of his many passions, and felt hopeless. Everyone in his life worried for his well-being, especially his family.
Jefferson's father Hal convinced him to try Bikram Yoga and after only a couple of classes, Jefferson met Bikram Choudhury. Bikram looked at Jeff's injured, overweight body and flat out promised, "Boss, you do my yoga every day and I will give you your life back." For weeks Jeff struggled but Bikram's encouragement gave him the faith he needed to continue in spite of his difficulties. After only six months of practice, Jefferson was physically well enough to attend the intense Bikram Teacher training.

After completing the Bikram Teacher training with Bikram Choudhury, Jefferson then trained in Bikram further with Mary Jarvis in San Francisco. Let's just say, Jefferson eventually lost those 110 pounds and got a new lease on life. By becoming physically fit through regular yoga practice, Jefferson was able to strengthen out his mind and spirit in addition to his body. He then decided he wanted to pass this gift on and help others gain control over their lives.

Being so inspired by the transformation in his life through yoga, Jefferson went on to open several Bikram Yoga studios around the country with locations in Nevada and Massachusetts. Due to further health complications and a desire to be near his family and hometown of Marin, Jefferson returned to San Rafael.

He took over what was then Yoga Loka, the 8th established Yoga College of India, changing the name to Bikram & Power Yoga San Rafael. The studio is now called Frequency Yoga in order to encompass the array of multi-modilty offered at the center. Part of the modality currently offered in addition to the original mission of Bikram Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga and TRX suspension training. Jefferson trained in Vinyasa Yoga with Baron Baptiste (over 920 hours!) and has completed all the TRX training as well as Melt Method.

It was a fantastic studio when he took it over and it continued to flourish over the years. Our studio has won Best of Marin first place eight years in a row for yoga and spent several years in the Hall of Fame for Best of Marin.

Ever grateful for his restoration to health, he continues to operate Frequency Yoga and currently teaches regular Bikram classes on Monday and Wednesday morning. He looks forward to meeting you and passing on this gift!


Lesley Greer

After years of running and playing competitive sports, Lesley’s yoga journey first began in 2006 when she started practicing Bikram yoga in Portland, Oregon. Her first class was incredibly challenging, and she discovered how tight and restricted her body was from all of her athletic pursuits. She started coming every day because she loved the feeling of connecting the mind and the body as well as the deep breathing. After five years of avidly practicing Bikram almost every day, she gained a tremendous amount of balance and flexibility and wanted to see what else was out there. A trip to Bali in 2012 allowed her to completely immerse herself in all different types of yoga, and it was there that she discovered her love for the vinyasa flow style of asana practice. Attending classes where she watched people that could float from different postures, she was incredibly inspired and humbled. At that point, even doing a headstand was a completely foreign concept, but she continued to pursue this practice, which gave her more strength both mentally and physically. Lesley continued to practice asana on a daily basis, and took another trip to Thailand where she met a wonderful yoga community and was even further inspired by what people could do with their bodies. Eventually, she got into the world of yoga competitions, placing 9th in the country at the U.S. Nationals in May of 2015. Prior to this, she competed at the regional level in California and went through many injuries as she was training to bring her practice onstage. She realized that pushing her body in this way was unhealthy, and it made her re-think what her yoga practice was all about. In the summer of 2015, she traveled to India to do a yoga teacher training, and she came back with a renewed sense of what it means to practice yoga. She learned the importance of meditation to balance out the intense physical asanas, and she gained further insight on how it is possible to maintain true inner peace in even the most chaotic environment. She hopes to inspire others by sharing her joy for the art of asana practice, which is only a small part of what yoga is really about. The connection of mind and body with breath has always served as a moving meditation for her, and she is so excited to finally be able to share this with others by leading classes that are both challenging and disciplined, allowing students to develop confidence in their own practice as they gain physical and mental strength and flexibility from all of the asanas.

Dana Al-Suwaidi

Dana Al-Suwaidi

My road to becoming a yoga instructor began soon after college when I experimented with many different types of fitness––simply trying to find the active lifestyle that felt authentic to me.

I attended my first hot yoga class in an attempt to up the ante on my fitness routine. But fitness was only a small part of what I gained from the practice. It was the healing, nurturing aspects that kept me coming back.

After a childhood bicycle accident, I struggled with migraines and frequent neck pain. Through regular practice, yoga has helped reduce the frequency of my migraines and relieved my neck pain significantly.

Feeling compelled to spread this health and wellness to others, I left the corporate world to attend teacher training.

I am a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor, and am eager for you to come vinyasa, sweat, and share your story with me.

Allison Ritter

In my sophomore year of college, I had a mental breakdown. I quit the softball team, shaved my head, and moved to a monastery for the summer. There, I discovered the two most important practices for my health: meditation and yoga. I started practicing yoga by reading different books and by watching a Vinyasa Flow dvd. Within a few weeks of daily practice, my mind and body were transformed and my spirit felt uplifted.

From the monastery, I traveled to Nepal where I lived with a host family and worked with women in rice fields and participated in different Hindu ceremonies. The experience deepened my love for yoga and encouraged me to pursue the practice and lifestyle. When I returned to California, I completed a comprehensive Vinyasa Flow training at Green Tara Yoga in 2011 and found the purpose I was searching for in teaching yoga.

As a teacher, I want to facilitate a dynamic and well-rounded class. My hope is for students to connect with their breath, quiet their mind, build strength, increase flexibility, and tone their body. I encourage my students to listen to their intuition and deepen their mind, body and spirit connection. Moving home to Marin has allowed me to live my dream of teaching yoga, and I am so grateful to be part of the community at Power Yoga San Rafael!

A vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa yoga that emphasizes strength, flexibility, detoxification, balance, & stamina. Each class consists of challenging sequences of athletic movements performed with focus & intention. All levels welcome.


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